Your ideas, our goals

turning dreams into reality

Our commitment is to promote your project idea, facilitating its path towards obtaining the necessary financing to carry it out.

To achieve this, we follow a structured process involving a number of key stages.

Identification of Proposals

Our first step is to carefully analyse your proposal and find the right call that best matches the nature and objectives of your project. This process requires a thorough knowledge of the different funding opportunities available, both nationally and internationally.

Consortium Search

In some cases, the formation of a strong consortium can be critical to the success of the proposal. Using our extensive network of international contacts, we identify and select potential partners who are leaders in their respective fields and, at the same time, inspire confidence to ensure successful project implementation.

You can explore some of our key connections in the following link.

Proposal Writing and Submission

We take care of the professional writing of the proposal, making sure to highlight the most relevant and compelling aspects of your project. In addition, we provide you with continuous advice and support throughout the submission process, ensuring that the proposal meets the specific requirements of the call.

Negotiation and Post-Financing Management

In the event that the proposal is selected for funding, our commitment does not end there. We are actively involved in the negotiation process with the funding body and work closely with you and the other partners to ensure an efficient and successful implementation of the project.

For your peace of mind

Always at your side

We are here to be your strategic partner at every stage of the process, providing the expertise and support necessary to maximise the chances of success for your project.