GAP - Games for participatory & sustainable tourism



Dates of execution

01-02-2022/ 31-01-2025


Erasmus+, Partnerships for cooperation and exchanges of practices


363.760,00 €


The project GAP aims to foster the transition towards more sustainable models of tourism by studying good practices, developing trainings, and creating urban games. GAP aims to pursue the following general objectives:

– Fostering innovation and sustainability in tourism

– Fostering participatory tourism and bottom-up promotion of territories

The different results include:

1) Research on participatory tourism and gamification: research aimed at identifying inspiring practices in the field of participatory tourism and tourism gamification.

2) Fill the GAP: The consortium will develop an online course for stakeholders in the field of participatory tourism, heritage and gamification.

3) Participation in practice: Stakeholders will be involved in a series of workshops and laboratories referred to as “participatory labs”. VET and residents will work together under the guidance of a community facilitator in order to identify common needs, discuss their collective identity and co-create an urban game that will reflect the results of these workshops. Digital consultations for broader stakeholders involvement is envisaged. The urban game will be accessible thanks to the content storage system that will be created by Skills Divers.


Under development

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